Allowing Dreams to Evolve

Listening to ourselves

Kate started flying when she was just 13 years old, and she had hear dreams set on the skies. Shortly after she thought she had her career path set, she witnessed a fighter jet fall out of the sky at an airshow, killing the pilot. She had to choose to follow her dream or to listen. 

What would you do?


Kate has presented to students about following non-traditional career paths. This topic is ideal for middle school and high school students. She has spoken at STEM camps, junior high schools, and high schools. 

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Kate is a motivational speaker who brings a message of embracing change to middle and high school students. She witnessed an aviation accident when she was 15 and it changed what she wanted to do with her life. This wasn't the last change for Kate, so how can students prepare for changes in their dreams?  In this ever changing world, it's vital to teach kids methods for embracing change and finding happiness. 

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